Caine’s Cardboard Arcade Creates Cavalcade of Creativity

September 21, 2012

The Imagination Foundation is hosting the beta  Global Cardboard Challenge on Oct. 6.  The Global Cardboard Challenge invites the world to “build anything awesome out of cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. There are currently over 100 events planned in over 25 countries.

This was all inspired by Caine Monroy, a 9-year old boy who spent last summer building an elaborate DIY cardboard arcade in his father’s used auto parts store.


Nirvan Mullick was one of the first customers to Caine’s Arcade. His short film tells the story of Caine’s Arcade and the flash mob that made Caine’s day. The film viewed over 7 million times. It is motivational and I highly recommend watching. it.

The film was posted to the Internet with the goal of raising $25,000 for a scholarship fund for Caine. Within the first day, more than $60,000 was raised. A week later the Goldhirsh Foundation offered a funding grant of $250,000 matching dollar-for-dollar to help start the Caine’s Arcade Imagination Foundation to help more innovative kids.

Caine’s Arcade was trending all over Twitter. It was picked up by celebrities. It hit the front page or Reddit. People came from around the world to visit Caine’s Arcade.  Hollywood actor Jack Black even came by with his kids to play. You can find out more in the follow video, Caine’s Arcade 2. This Oct. 6, he Imagination Foundation is inviting you for a global day of play. “Just imagine what we can build.”

After the Foundation was established, a school pilot program began. Within the first two months, over 100 schools in 9 countries participated using project based learning teaching kids math and science.

“The idea is to not only give kids the tools to build the things they can imagine, but to also to imagine the world they can build.” Mullick said in his second film.

The Lab at Lakewood in Dallas, TX is hosting an afternoon of free play inspired by Caine’s Arcade on Oct. 6 at 2:00 pm. You can also find a local event.


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