Gearbox Software pushes Shift Codes like smack

October 26, 2012

My new favorite use of social media has to be Shift Codes from Gearbox Software. Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software has been recently releasing shift codes through his Twitter Account, @DuvalMagic. These codes can be used in Borderlands 2 to unlock better loot for the game.

There have been several times when I have run home from an even to punch the codes into my Xbox 360. I must admit that this is the first twitter feed that I have actively stalked/followed. According to the feed, these codes are helping the company track network traffic. Frankly, I feel a little hurt that I am being used as a cog in the machine to track statistics. But I somehow manage to get over it as soon as the company dangles a shiny new gun in front of me. They are doing a fantastic job of having me hooked to their social media feeds at all hours.

To be honest, I simply do not have enough time in my day to play the game but I have made sure to run home and log into the game for a few minutes just to make sure that I get my loot.

Shit Codes are a code that can be entered into the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Borderlands 2. The code will give the player a golden key that will unlock a golden treasure chest that carries rare items that can be used in the game.

Being able to enter in special codes that are only valid for a limited time window ignites the retro gamer in me. I like being able to enter in Shift Codes, which in my mind equate to cheat codes. There aren’t many games that will allow you to enter cheat codes anymore.

Gearbox has also been posting Shft Codes on their Facebook page. Tip to anyone playing Borderlands 2: the codes they are posting on Facebook are not the same as the ones on their Twitter Feed. Be sure to check both.

Gearbox released Borderlands 2 earlier this month and this sequel to` the original game makes vast improvements to the predecessor. It has made it more accessible to play with friends. My favorite feature is that you can jump into and out of a friends game without having to host restarting the game. It has made the social experience much more enjoyable.

If you are playing Borderlands 2, I highly suggest that you follow @DuvalMagic and @GearboxSoftware. Be sure to also check out their Facebook page.




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